Andrew Participates in Three Minute Thesis Competition!
Andrew made it to the final round of 10 participants. Read more about the competition here:
Developing Collaborations
O'Malley organizes "meeting of the minds" between Rice Engineering and BCM Dept of Surgery
Lab members write a Review Article about Shared Control!
See the article in our Publications, with co-authors Dylan, Craig, Edoardo, and Prof. O'Malley.
O'Malley and Ensor named to endowed chair positions
O'Malley is now the Stanley C. Moore Professor of Mechanical Engineering
The MAHI Lab Holodeck is operational.
The MAHI Lab Holodeck is operational with new Motive software from Optitrack integrated with an Oculus Rift. Next up are getting the replicators online in time for Thanksgiving!

About us

The MAHI Lab focuses on the design, manufacture, and evaluation of mechatronic or robotic systems to model, rehabilitate, enhance or augment the human sensorimotor control system. To this end, we employ analytical and experimental approaches from the field of dynamic systems and controls, with inspiration from human motor control and neuroscience. We are also engaged in the development of novel approaches for teaching dynamic systems and controls.