O'Malley reunites with IEEE HAPTICS past chairs
Colgate, Tan, Jones, Kuchenbecker, Basdogan, Choi, O'Malley, Gerling
Congratulations Dr. Pehlivan!
Utku defended his PhD on 4/12/16
MAHI lab to host Edoardo Battaglia
Visiting researcher won Best Paper at IEEE HAPTICS 2016
MAHI Reunion at Haptics Conference
MAHI Lab Members Work at Disney Research!
Alumni Ali Israr, Vinay Chawda and PhD Candidate Utku Pehlivan

About us

The MAHI Lab focuses on the design, manufacture, and evaluation of mechatronic or robotic systems to model, rehabilitate, enhance or augment the human sensorimotor control system. To this end, we employ analytical and experimental approaches from the field of dynamic systems and controls, with inspiration from human motor control and neuroscience. We are also engaged in the development of novel approaches for teaching dynamic systems and controls.