MAHI part of $250M robotics manufacturing institute!
Rice part of DoD funded Advanced Robotics Manufacturing (ARM) Innovation Hub
READAPT hand-wrist exo
Our UT collaborators visited to work on hardware integration
MAHI welcomes four new thesis masters students
Logan Farrell, Troy Dennis, Joshua Bradley, and Will Jantscher
O'Malley awarded NSF NRI grant
Collaboration with Byrne from PSYC, Methodist, and industry
5th Anniversary of NRI Demo in DC
O'Malley and Sullivan demo BMI-Exo at Congressional Robotics Caucus

About us

The MAHI Lab focuses on the design, manufacture, and evaluation of mechatronic or robotic systems to model, rehabilitate, enhance or augment the human sensorimotor control system. To this end, we employ analytical and experimental approaches from the field of dynamic systems and controls, with inspiration from human motor control and neuroscience. We are also engaged in the development of novel approaches for teaching dynamic systems and controls.