The RiceWrist: A distal upper extremity rehabilitation robot for stroke therapy

TitleThe RiceWrist: A distal upper extremity rehabilitation robot for stroke therapy
Publication TypeConference Proceedings
Year of Conference2006
AuthorsO'Malley, MK, Sledd, A, Gupta, A, Patoglu, V, Huegel, JC, Burgar, C
Conference NameASME Dynamic Systems and Control Division, 2006 International Mechanical Engineering Congress and Exposition
Pagination10 -
Date Published11/2006
Conference LocationChicago, IL, United States
KeywordsDegrees of freedom (mechanics); Graphical user interfaces; Human rehabilitation equipment; Patient treatment

This paper presents the design and kinematics of a four degree-of-freedom upper extremity rehabilitation robot for stroke therapy, to be used in conjunction with the Mirror Image Movement Enabler (MIME) system. The RiceWrist is intended to provide robotic therapy via force-feedback during range-of-motion tasks. The exoskeleton device accommodates forearm supination and pronation, wrist flexion and extension, and radial and ulnar deviation in a compact design with low friction and backlash. Joint range of motion and torque output of the electricmotor driven device is matched to human capabilities. The paper describes the design of the device, along with three control modes that allow for various methods of interaction between the patient and the robotic device. Passive, triggered, and active-constrained modes, such as those developed for MIME, allow for therapist control of therapy protocols based on patient capability and progress. Also presented is the graphical user interface for therapist control of the interactions modes of the RiceWrist, basic experimental protocol, and preliminary experimental results. Copyright © 2006 by ASME.

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