Skill transfer in a simulated underactuated dynamic task

TitleSkill transfer in a simulated underactuated dynamic task
Publication TypeConference Proceedings
Year of Conference2003
AuthorsO'Malley, MK, Gupta, A
Conference NameProceedings. RO-Man 2003. The 12th IEEE International Workshop on Robot and Human Interactive Communication (IEEE Cat. No. 03TH8711)
Pagination315 - 20
Conference LocationMillbrae, CA, USA
Keywordscomputer based training; Haptic interfaces; learning (artificial intelligence); Virtual reality

Machine-mediated teaching of dynamic task completion is typically implemented with passive intervention via virtual fixtures or active assist by means of record and replay strategies. During interaction with a real dynamic system however, the user relies on both visual and haptic feedback in order to elicit desired motions. This work investigates skill transfer from assisted to unassisted modes for a Fitts' type targeting task with an underactuated dynamic system. Performance, in terms of between target tap times, is measured during an unassisted baseline session and during various types of assisted training sessions. It is hypothesized that passive and active assist modes that are implemented during training of a dynamic task could improve skill transfer to a real environment or unassisted simulation of the task. Results indicate that transfer of skill is slight but significant for the assisted training modes


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