Syntacts: Open Source Framework For Audio-Controlled Vibrotactile Haptics

Syntacts: Open Source Framework for Audio-Controlled Vibrotactile Haptics

Syntacts is a haptic rendering framework for vibrotactile feedback. It eliminates the need for expensive haptic controllers or custom electronics by leveraging commercial-off-the-shelf audio interfaces. As a complete package, Syntacts provides the software and hardware needed to interface audio devices with low latency, synthesize complex waveforms, and amplify signals to appropriate levels. 

Syntacts is a combined software and hardware framework that allows users to use the same package from initial cue design to final implementation. The software package includes APIs to be integrated with C++, C#, or Python projects and a graphical user interface that facilitates design and iteration on cues. The hardware is a purpose-built linear amplifier board for control of eight independently controlled tactors. Syntacts fills the need for flexible implementation options so that engineers and researchers alike can incorporate complex haptics into their projects.