Haptic Paddles

The primary goal of the Haptic Paddle is to improve learning outcomes in a required undergraduate mechanical engineering course via reflective learning featuring integrated systems [1]. The labs integrate haptic technology, LabVIEW, MATLAB simulations, and system interfacing in experiments to enhance understanding of dynamic systems and controls. The specific objectives of the Haptic Paddle-centric lab curriculum are:

Syntacts: Open Source Framework For Audio-Controlled Vibrotactile Haptics

Syntacts: Open Source Framework for Audio-Controlled Vibrotactile Haptics

Syntacts is a haptic rendering framework for vibrotactile feedback. It eliminates the need for expensive haptic controllers or custom electronics by leveraging commercial-off-the-shelf audio interfaces. As a complete package, Syntacts provides the software and hardware needed to interface audio devices with low latency, synthesize complex waveforms, and amplify signals to appropriate levels.