Validation of a smooth movement model for a human reaching task

TitleValidation of a smooth movement model for a human reaching task
Publication TypeConference Proceedings
Year of Conference2009
AuthorsHuegel, JC, Lynch, A, O'Malley, MK
Conference NameIEEE 11th International Conference on Rehabilitation Robotics (ICORR 2009)

This paper presents the experiment design, results, and analysis of a human user study that tests and validates the minimum hand jerk (MHJ) model for a human forearm reaching movement task when manipulating a multi-mass object. This work validates and extends prior work that demonstrated the MHJ criteria, a mathematical approach to human movement modeling, more accurately represents movements with multi-mass objects than the alternate optimally smooth transport (OST) model. To validate the prior work, we developed a visual and haptic virtual environment with a five-mass system with friction connected by springs and viscous dampers. The point to point reaching task we implemented required participants to move their hand with the set of masses to a target position, thereby generating movement profiles for analysis. Our experimental design uniquely extends the application of the MHJ criteria to forearm pronation movements and our results show that the MHJ model holds. Our extension to forearm movements and the more general MHJ criteria are economic models of human movements applicable to fields such as computer animation and virtual environments.

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